New Opera Max For Android Puts Users In Control Of Data

Opera Software announced a new Opera Max for Android today, a tool that lets users take control over apps and see how data and battery is consumed by each individual app, in addition to compressing incoming and outgoing data so that in practice you may get 50% more data out of your monthly data plan.

It has na easy to understand interface, so you don't need to use it for long before you get the hang of it.

For data management, it uses a virtual private network (VPN). Opera Max sends all data through Opera's servers where the videos, images and websites are compressed to use less data, before it is sent to the user.

The app isn't new, this is just a new version of it. But it is free, and the previous Opera Max has a 4.1 rating after 24,584 users have given their verdict on Google Play. The new Opera Max has a 4.2 rating so far, but that's only based on today's downloads after the launch.

Opera Max Android App
Opera Max Android App

– Jim Miller