New Color Video E Paper Displays Announced By Guohua Optoelectronics

South China Normal University (SCNU) together with Shenzhen Guohua Optoelectronics Ltd. announced what they call a breakthrough in color e paper displays today.

What they are announcing is the development of what's labelled the first reflective e color display that's capable of displaying full motion video. This is demonstrated through a small 5.8-inch TFT active matrix panel.

The main idea behind e color displays these days is to reduce energy consumption, which can be used to either increase battery life in tablets and other handheld devices, or to lower energy consumption in anything from small digital price labels to large billboards.

Of course, with just an 18 bit color signal, such e color displays still have a long, way to go before they can even be considered in tablet computers. And while it is true that displays consumer a lot of power in tablet computers, e-ink and e-color displays are still more suited to e-readers, because any battery in a tablet computer will be the most under pressure from the computing that it needs to do to run apps and wireless connections.

Four prototypes will be exhibited in the future from these Chinese collaborators though, and they are far from the only developers working on improving this technology, so let's see how quickly this technology advances from here.

– Tom Bowen