New Apple iPad 5 and Mini 2 Rumored For September

The new iPad 5 / 5th generation iPad is expected to be launched in September. Apple declines to comment naturally.

Apple have lost a lot of market share to Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Asus, in the tablet computer industry since their last iPad unveiling, and while it's natural to wish for great technological leaps in development from an old iPad to a new one, the rumored upgrades seem pretty sober so far. But, the iPad will still be a great device.

(UPDATED: iPad mini 2 / iPad mini retina was released on November 12.)

Expected upgrades
Whereas the iPad mini have a thin bezel on its sides, the original iPad have not during its 4 generations. But now with the new iPad 5, the bezel is rumored to be thinner, giving room for a larger screen and a different design.

The iPad 5 is expected to reduce the number of LED tubes used for the screen from two to one, which will both reduce the thickness of the overall design, as well as improve the battery-life. The iPad 5 is thus expected to be up to 15-20% thinner, and up to a maximum of 25% lighter.

Apple focusing on design, style, and convenience is certainly in line with that the company has successfully done for the last 10 years, so no surprises there.

iPad 4 and iPad mini bezel comparison
iPad 4 and iPad mini bezel comparison

A more unsubstantiated rumor is the inclusion of a small vibrator, for messaging alerts, games feedback, and whatever an app can make of it. This would certainly be in line with Apple's innovative spirit, no matter how unnecessary some people might regard it, before they get used to it.

As for an iPad mini with a retina display, we may have to wait until Q4 this year, or early 2014 to find out if Apple will make one, since Digitimes reports that Apple have supposedly not made the decision yet.
But if it arrives, we could possibly have the option of two iPad mini's, just like Apple is selling both the iPad 2 and the retina display iPad 4 alongside each other today.

The iPad 4 was unveiled alongside the iPad mini on October 23 last year, and released on November 2.
Apple usually send out invitations to the press around 8 days ahead of an iPad unveiling, though they never disclose what the invitation is for. Another sign to look for, is a sudden discount on current iPad's of about $50 or so to clear out stock, which has been the case one week before the release of new iPad's before.

Apple started a ‘Back to School' campaign on July 2 where customers of an iPad or iPhone will receive a $50 App Store Gift Card to be used at the the Mac App Store, iTunes Store, the App Store, or the iBookstore. Or if they buy a Mac they will receive a $100 App Store Gift Card. This offer ends on September 6th.

Apple Back To School iPad Deal

Have A Great Summer Everyone!

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