New Fire 7 Kids Edition

Alongside the new model of Amazon Fire 7 that will launch on June 6, Amazon also announced a new children's tablet computer now known as the all-new Fire 7 Kids Edition. And it too will be released on June 6:

Not everybody knows this, but with both the previous generation models as well as the new ones, the actual tablet in the Fire 7 Kids Edition is the same tablet computer simply known as the Fire 7. So there are no hardware differences between a Fire 7 and a Fire 7 Kids Edition.

But there are still differences between the two, both physically as well as in features, content, and services.

The new Fire 7 Kid Edition has a new bumper case that now even features a built-in kickstand, which seems like a good idea. Bumper case color options are blue, pink, and purple. And as before, Amazon still offers free 2-year replacement warranties on their children's tablet, even if they break during that time, so that warranty or security is also what customers pay for.

Apart from all the parent supervision features available (for instance bedtime lock, age filtering, learn before play, time limits, which is accessible online too through the web based Amazon Parent Dashboard), some of the content and features the new Fire 7 Kids Edition comes with includes things like 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited with children's safe content including over 20 000 books, audio books, videos, educational apps, games, and other kids appropriate related content like that.

During launch it's also possible to get a Bo Peep headphones or Forky heaphones (from Toy Story) bunded in for free. But the price is still $99.

– Tom Bowen