New 10.3 And 13.3 Inch E Ink Tablets Running Android 9 On Display This Week

There's a health industry conference and exhibition going on this week in Florida, and on that occasion two new E Ink Flexible e-paper tablets with Android have been on display.

Quite simply called The Digital Paper Tablet, these are two 10.3-inch and 13.3-inch black and white display tablets that utilize the E Ink technology, based upon the Linfiny device jointly developed by Sony and E Ink.

By running E Ink Carta displays, the displays will use only a small fraction of the power that a color display will. The resolution is 1650 x 2200 for the 13.3-inch tablet, and 1404 x 1872 for the 10.3-inch tablet, both of which still supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitive pen.

It's been made to run apps with Android 9, while it's powered by a quad-core 1.8 GHz i.MX 8M mini processor.

And E Ink has created a set of different tools to help and enable developers create apps or connect services to the The Digital Paper Tablet.

The primary intention at this point is to get these E Ink tablets into the health industry.

– Jim Miller