Motorola Moto Tab G70 Tablet Spotted

Motorola has just been spotted with yet another unannounced tablet that could launch soon, making it the second Motorola tablet to launch this year after the Motorola Moto Tab G20.

This new tablet is the Motorola Moto Tab G70, which was discovered in the Google Play Console by yabhishekhd and later picked up by Gizmochina.

The specs are between the levels of the Fire HD 10 Plus and the Asus Chromebook CM3, as they all run almost the same MediaTek MT8183 processor, only that the Motorola Moto Tab G70 runs the MT8183A version.

Motorola Moto Tab G70

This is combined with the Mali G72 GPU, 4GB RAM, a 2000 x 1200 resolution screen we typically find on 10.4-inch tablets, and Android 11 for operating system.

If history repeats itself, then it's likely that this Motorola tablet will be launched in India too. Though we'll still have to wait and see.

– Jim Miller