More Apple iPad Model Numbers Registered

Two additional Apple iPad model numbers have been registered with the Russian language encryption device register for the Eurasian Economic Commission with the new iPad model numbers being A2200, and A2232 as found by MySmartPrice.

So this brings the total of officially registered new iPad model numbers up to 7, adding to the other 5 new iPad model numbers found two weeks ago.

All of the registered model numbers for the unannounced new iPads are now A2068, A2197, A2198, A2200, A2232, A2228 and A2230, all running iPadOS 13.

Apple doesn't sequence model numbers the way other tablet brands does, so it's still impossible to know if these seven model numbers are designated for two or three different iPads since each iPad may carry four different model numbers and often with each of the four model numbers far apart as well.

But seven model numbers certainly shows that there are at least two more iPads coming this year. So that means we should continue to expect new iPad Pros at least, and possibly the new iPad 10.2 as well.

Already released in 2019 are the iPad mini 5 and the iPad Air 10.5.

– Jim Miller