Microsoft Portable Dual Charger (Power Banks) Announced

This week three different Microsoft Portable Dual Charger’s were announced, or power banks as they are normally called.

Power banks hover between a convenience and a necessity for most of us depending on whether or not we are lucky enough to have a tablet or smartphone with a replaceable battery.

The fist power banks on the market weren’t all that powerful, but these days it’s easy to get hold of chargers with enough of a capacity to charge a tablet or phone several times over.

Microsoft power bank Portable Dual Charger

Microsoft power bank Portable Dual Charger

Microsoft’s three “Portable Dual Charger” come in 12000 mAh, 9000 mAh, and 5200 mAh iterations, with a 2.1 amp output. The price for these will be $55, $45, and $35 respectively.

That seems very steep, since they don’t have any particular features other than the standard 4-LED battery level indicator and two micro-USB ports.

Amazon already have their own line of power banks that offers the same set of features, but at a lower price.

But most sensible of all is probably a large power bank with a proper LCD display instead of the old school 4-LED battery level indicator.

Microsoft power bank

Microsoft power bank

– Jim Miller

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