March Break Deals In Microsoft Store Canada (ONGOING)

For our Canadian readers it might interest you to learn that Microsoft Store Canada is running a “March Break Deals” sales campaing throughout all of March, with just about every Windows 10 tablet, 2-in-1, Windows phone, smartwatch, Xbox, and other Microsoft products and Microsoft partner products being on sale during this time.

But some sales have designated dates, so while there are always products on sale throughout March in each category, some of the very specific best selling products will only be on sale for a few days during Microsoft Canada's March Break Deals campaign.

March deals include:
(The links will only be effective during the designated time frames)

Up to $170 off the Surface 3. Valid 3/18 – 3/27/16.

Surface 3 Sale march 2016
Surface 3

Up to $350 off on select Windows 10 PCs and 2-in-1's. Valid 3/1 – 3/9/2016.. A similar Windows 10 computer sale in March will then be valid 3/18 – 3/31/16

$100 of an unlocked Lumia 950. Valid 3/25 – 3/31/2016.

Lumia 950 Camera
Lumia 950 photographed with another Lumia 950

Unlocked Lumia 550 for $149. Valid 3/10 – 3/24/16.

Xbox $50 off + $50 gift card. Valid 3/10 – 3/17/16

$100 off Microsoft Band 2. Valid 3/1 – 3/24/2016.

In the US, Microsoft decided to extend the Surface Pro 4 Sale for a little while longer, after the recent and much anticipated bug fixes finally fixed the original annoyances with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

March Deals

– Jim Miller