MacMall Starts Taking iPad Pro Orders

During the last two days, a few stores started taking orders for the upcoming Apple iPad Pro, but all of them pulled their orders from their online stores, except one, which is MacMall who is still taking orders for the larger new iPad ahead of launch.

But even MacMall can’t provide a specific release date yet, and they are only going by what Apple has told the rest of us, that the iPad Pro will be launched in the middle of November. Fortunately we are soon there, so we can buy from either the Apple store or other stores where we can see the tablet in flesh first, and who will also deliver first. Also, those who buy it from Apple can get it engraved, though few people seem to actually take advantage of that.

It’s been two months since the iPad Pro was unveiled already, so it’s about time that it’s released. Since then, both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have been released, although regular Apple users are going to want the Apple iPad Pro over a tablet from Microsoft anyway.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

It’ll be fun to watch how the iPad Pro will become adopted by users down the line, as the tablet offers a 12.9-inch screen with 2732 x 2048 resolution, a first proper digitizer support on an iPad, 4GB of RAM, and some efforts on the feature side of things to make the tablet more productive than the smaller iPads, thanks in part to some help from both Adobe and Microsoft in the development of those features.

Storage is still limited to either 32GB or 128GB though, with no SD or microSD card expansion of course, which now even Amazon’s dirt cheap tablets has.

– Jim Miller

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