Lots Of Changes And Upgrades Happening To Windows During Spring

A lot of changes to Windows 10 have already been announced during the last couple of weeks, with more to come over the next weeks and months too. Microsoft even announced the new Twitter app for Windows today too, with bookmark-and-read-later features as well as push notifications.

The largest change of all though is what happens under the umbrella of the Windows 10 April 2018 update. The update became avilable yesterday, and brings with it lots and lots of new features and new versions of existing features like Timeline which lets users scroll back on what they were doing at an earlier time on their computer, and it also works with iOS and Android.

Nearby Sharing is a new feature the makes it easier to share files across local devices through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There's the new Focus Assist, which works much like other “don't interrupt apps” by not letting users become distracted by messages, notifications, etc, and also feature catch up once it's turned off.

Microsoft Edge have been given 8 new main features too, and even includes “Mute-a-tab” in case you suddenly hear a video playing in one of your tabs, and you want to turn it off before you open up the tab.

Windows Ink have been improved not only with increased support for writing by pen or hand in text fields, but also with improved latency of digitizer by what Microsoft says is up to 30-50% in speed, so that's a huge improvement for Windows 10 tablets with digitizers.

And there are many, many more new features in Photos, 3D, Cortana, gaming, dictation, My people, security, and others that you might want to catch up on if you have not already heard of them.

With all these updates it really is a shame that Microsoft currently doesn't have any Windows phone devices that could have been integrated into these widened services and features updates. But we are nevertheless seeing some renewed behind the curtains activities in the Windows mobile space these days anyway, so we are wondering just how far Microsoft is willing to go next in the mobile space.

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– Tom Bowen