Kobo Arc On Sale From $129 Between Aug. 15 – Sept. 1

Save up to $100 on the Kobo Arc

Kobo's Android tablet Kobo Arc that was released in November last year, have just started its largest sale yet.

Starting today the 16GB Kobo Arc will be cut by $70, from $199 to $129, bringing it in line with the current NOOK HD price, while the 32GB Kobo Arc will be cut by $100, from $249 to $149. The 7-inch Kobo Arc has full access to the Google Play store.

This offer is valid for two weeks only starting today, Thursday 15th, and ending on September 1st.

Does this sale point to Kobo clearing out inventory ahead of a very busy September launch period for tablets? It could be, but no substantial rumors have been heard yet concerning a successor to this tablet.

I suppose that people considering buying the Arc, do it because they are already Kobo customers. If not, then the similarly priced NOOK HD should offer better value for money.

– Tom Bowen