Keyboards For Teclast Tbook X5 Pro And Chuwi Hi13 Windows 2-In-1’s Available

Chinese tablet brands as well as Chinese tablet stores are usually very quick to launch new tablets. So quick in fact, that it often happens that when new 2-in-1 tablets starts taking ordrs, the keyboards for some of these 2-in-1 tablets is trailing a month or two behind.

And this was the case with two mid- to high-end Windows 10 2-in-1 tablets released lately too, like the 13.5-inch Chuwi Hi13 with its 2000 x 3000 resolution display and Intel Celeron processor, as well as the Teclast Tbook X5 Pro with Intel Core “Kaby Lake” processor and 8GB of RAM.

The Teclast Tbook X5 Pro keyboard is for the 12.2-inch tablet, and as such it is both similar in size and design to the thin, smooth, very fast and quiet Surface Type Cover keyboards. It even has the same type of foldable magnetic bar that lets users elevate the keyboard so one can type on the keyboard from an angle. And when it's closed up, it functions as a protective cover for the tablet display.

The Chuwi Hi13 keyboard is a more traditional looking 2-in-1 keyboard, with a sturdy metal body, magnetic attachment that lets users attach the tablet both facing forwards or backwards, and one full-size USB port on each side of the keyboard. Since the Chuwi Hi13 is 13.5-inch large, it explains why there is no thin Type Cover keyboard for it, since it would be difficult to be able to make the keyboard rigid enough to not be a nuisance. And I imagine that users welcome the two extra USB ports instead.

– Jim Miller