Iskn Sketchnote Slate Digitize Your Paper Notes

Do you want to write, sketch, or draw on paper, yet get a digital copy on your tablet simultaneously?

Iskn was crowdfounded and closed it’s successful funding in October for a product called Sketchnote that lets people digitize their paper notes by placing their $179 slate underneath.

Iskn Sketchnote is showcased at CES 2015 this week, and the release of this product is just around the corner.

The main drawback at launch is that the compatibility with all major operating systems is taking its time. So at launch it is only compatible with iOS 7.0 to 8.0+, that is, Apple iPad 3 or newer. But Iskn is working on compatibility with OSX, Windows, and Android. Compatibility is hardware dependent too, since the Sketchnote connects to tablets and computers via micro-USB and Bluetooth.

The slate weighs 400 gram, and is 9.7 inches long. The software enables a lot of features as you might expect, and for many potential customers, it might be the many tweaking features after the notes have been digitized that makes the Sketchnote useful for them.

Iskn Sketchnote

Digitizer paper notes with Iskn Sketchnote

Iskn Sketchnote  cover

– Jim Miller

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