iPad M2 with HP 22er display not extending : Workarounds and Solutions

iPad M2 with HP 22er display not extending : Workarounds and Solutions

Are you trying to extend your iPad M2's display to an HP 22er monitor, only to find that it's merely mirroring the screen? This can be frustrating, especially if you were hoping to gain some extra screen real estate for multitasking or productivity.

Many iPad M2 users encounter this issue when connecting their device to an external display like the HP 22er. But why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

Why iPads Don't Natively Support Display Extension

Unlike Macs, iPads aren't designed to extend their display to an external monitor out of the box. When you connect your iPad M2 to your HP 22er, it will simply mirror what's on the iPad screen, rather than giving you additional space to work with.

This is due to the way iPads handle external displays. They treat them as secondary screens for mirroring content, not as extensions of the primary display.

iPad M2 with HP 22er display not extending

Workarounds for iPad M2 Screen Mirroring on HP 22er

While native display extension isn't possible, there are still a few workarounds you can try to make the most of your iPad M2 and HP 22er setup:

1. Use Duet Display or Sidecar Apps

One solution is to use apps like Duet Display or Sidecar (if your iPad supports it) to turn your iPad M2 into a secondary display for a Mac. This allows you to arrange your Mac windows across both your Mac screen and iPad screen, effectively giving you more space to work with.

It's not quite the same as extending your iPad display, but it's a handy solution if you also use a Mac.

2. Jailbreak Your iPad (Risky)

Another option is to jailbreak your iPad M2, which allows you to install tweaks that force display extension to your HP 22er. However, this comes with significant risks and will void your warranty.

Jailbreaking can also make your iPad more vulnerable to security threats. Only attempt this if you're tech-savvy and willing to accept the potential consequences.

3. Use Your iPad and Monitor Separately

If you don't want to jailbreak or use your iPad as a Mac display, you can still use your iPad M2 and HP 22er separately to boost your productivity. Take advantage of the iPad's multitasking capabilities, like Split View and Slide Over, to work on different tasks on each screen.

For example, you could keep your main work on the iPad screen while using the HP 22er to display reference material or a video call. It may not be as seamless as true display extension, but it's a workable solution that doesn't require any extra software or risks.

iPad M2 with HP 22er display not extending

Making the Most of Your iPad M2 and HP 22er

While it's disappointing that the iPad M2 doesn't natively support display extension to the HP 22er, there are still ways to make this setup work for you. Whether you use apps to turn your iPad into a secondary Mac display, jailbreak for forced extension (at your own risk), or simply use the two devices separately, you can find a way to boost your productivity and multitasking.

Experiment with different setups and workflows to find what works best for you. With a little creativity and flexibility, you can turn your iPad M2 and HP 22er into a powerful productivity combo.