iPad Air 3 Rumored Specs Latest Update

Some new rumors concerning the next Apple iPad Air 3 has been purportedly leaked to Steve Hemmerstoffer of nowhereelse.fr.

And what's new in the latest rumor this time is the presence of quad speakers, with one in each corner, like on the Apple iPad Pro and Acer Predator 8, where the stereo sound switches to stereo for the user automatically, so that the sound will always come from the left and right on the tablet, and not the top and bottom (unless you turn the automatic feature off).

The other new spec rumor is the inclusion of a LED flash side-by-side with the camera lens on the next 9.7-inch iPad Air.

The final new spec that is now rumored is the addition of a Smart Connector as well on the 2016 version of iPad Air 3.

From before, it has already been rumored that the new iPad Air will feature a 4K display, up to 4GB of RAM (twice the current 2GB RAM), and a larger battery capacity.

It is currently expected by analysts that Apple's next iPad Air 3 will debut at a Apple event on March 15, and that the iOS tablet will be released in Q2 2016.

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– Tom Bowen