iPad 9.7 Now $249 From Amazon – iPad Pro 11 $759

I thought we had the last minute tablet deals before Christmas covered yesterday, as we now have just 7 days left before Xmas, but then some additional iPad deals came online today.

And those Apple iPad deals are on the Apple iPad 9.7, cut from $329 regularly, to a record low $249 right now.

But this is not the only iPad launched in 2018 that's on sale right now, as even the new iPad Pro 11 is on sale with $40 to $50 off the 256GB and 64GB models.

Another thing that's exciting about all of this, and probably also explains why the iPad 9.7 in particular is so cheap right now, is that Apple became an authorized Apple reseller just a few weeks ago, after many years of not having that kind of partnership with Apple, since Apple and Amazon are both among the world's top 5 largest tablet brands.

But now that Amazon is allowed to stock and sell Apple products from their own warehouses again, this could bode well for prices as we now may see some evidence of.
Apple iPad 9.7 Sale
– Tom Bowen