iON Wireless Plus Wireless Charging Pad With Fast Charge – Launch On March 23rd

Over the last 1 – 2 years, we’ve seen an uptick in everyday technology devices for the home suddenly start to get more of a home furniture design than just the traditional technology look. It doesn’t apply to all devices yet, since most Wi-Fi routers still look like, well Wi-Fi routers.

But the new wireless charging pad with fast charge called iON Wireless Plus from iOttie, is one of those devices than blend technology with some home furniture design. It will be launched on March 23 for $49, with color options of grey, red, or white to begin with.

And it can be used to charge tablets and phones that supports QI fast charge. That means among others, popular devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 to S6, Note 8 to Note 5, LG G6, etc, with 7.5W fast charge for iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus, up to 10W fast charge for Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, and Note 8, and otherwise 5W wireless standard charging for other QI supported tablets and phones.

iON Wireless Plus iOttie Wireless Charging Pad With IQ Fast Charge

Should you want to charge an additional device from it, there’s also a full-size USB pot on the back of the device that delivers 5W when it’s also ding wireless charging, and 12W when just the USB charger is in use.

iOttie will additionally launch an even smaller wireless charging pad later in 2018 called the Mini, but if you place even just a 5-inch smartphone over the iON Wireless Plus, it will already cover the charger, so in most ways, the current iON Wireless Plus is small enough already.

– Tom Bowen

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