Interactive 8-Inch Amazon Glow With 19-Inch Projector Now Open For Everyone

Amazon announced the Amazon Glow on September 28 last year, which was launched as an invitation only at the time. But today Amazon announced the full launch of the interactive video calling device:

The price is $299 for the Amazon Glow, or $329 with the Tangram Bits.

Amazon Glow isn't just a regular video calling device with an 8-inch screen, but one with a built-in 19-inch projector that projects a touch sensitive area on the desk, which adds some more interaction to the call.

The parent or user in the other end of thee call can use either a tablet or smartphone with Android or iOS to interact with the Amazon Glow user.

Of course, it's no substitute for real human interaction, but both kids, parents, or others in care may find it useful or better than just using regular video chats.

And since it's been over 6 months since the Glow was launched, there are reviews for it now, which are handy for anyone who originally considered buying it.

– Tom Bowen