The Impressive Range Of Useful Accesories For Samsung Galaxy S9

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ started taking pre-orders today, ahead of its March 14 release:

And with it, it seems that Samsung have increased its production of official and perectly fitted accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well, with a range of accessories that really enhance the phones, as opposed to a lot of the gimmicky accessories that are often launched by phone brands.

These Galaxy S9 accessories includes a Military Protective Standing Cover with kickstand on the back, LED View Wallet Cover, Hyperknit Cover, and Alcantara Cover, just to mention some of the most outstanding covers or cases for it.

But more typical cases and covers such as Silcone Cover, Clear View Standing Cover, and Wireless Charger Stand, are also avilable. Samsung is also pushing Samsung DeX that lets users connect these phones to a monitor and use it as a computer, and with the power and storage the S9 and S9+ has, the adaptation of DeX can become very interesting to watch in the months ahead.

– Tom Bowen