Class Leading Bluetooth Speaker Harman Kardon Luna Released In Black And White

Harman Kardon which is 70 years this year, has just released the Harman Kardon Luna, a compact but impressive sounding wireless Bluetooth speaker that fits discreetly into most spaces with pairing from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and whatever else you may have that transmits through Bluetooth.

It's been compared to the JBL Charge 5 that came out around 2 years ago, though the audio is considered a notch above it in terms of clarity, and it also has less of a party speaker design and feel to it. But the design still speaks of of this clearly being a Bluetooth speaker. With quick access to the control buttons on top of it.

Instead of being tall and round, it was made to fit underneath computer monitors, up along walls, close to laptops, on a coffee table, around the office and so on, without getting in the way like some Bluetooth speaker inadvertently do.

Harman Kardon Luna
Harman Kardon Luna

Specs wise, the Luna features 2-way stereo speakers up to 25W with a 48x90mm woofer and 20mm tweeter, featuring a 60Hz – 20kHz frequency response. So anything from jazz to techno, classical to pop, should all have equal chance to sound the way it was intended.

The 4800 mAh battery has a 12 hour rated battery life, which charges via the USB-C cable it ships with. It charges fully in 2.5 hours with 3A charging.

The wireless specs are Bluetooth 5.3 and it supports paring with two player devices simultaneously, which could lead to some funny scenarios. It also supports the pairing of two Luna speaks at the same time to create an even wider stereo effect, or for the use of two Lunas in separate rooms.

The weight is 710 grams, since this is a dust and waterproof IP67 rated speaker after all. But it is just 78mm high. The color options are both black or white, with the launch price being $149.

– Tom Bowen