Google Assistant Smart Hub ‘Lynky’ With 5-Inch Touchcreen, Seeks Crowdfunds For $99 A Piece

Androidpolice ran a story yesterday about a new crowdfunding project for Lynky, which is a Google Assistant Smart Hub with a 5-inch touchscreen that the company says it aism to launch in January 2018.

And the price of Lynky is just $99 which isn't such a bad price, but then again you can get a $49 Amazon tablet with Alexa these days so things are relative. Smart Home hubs and controllers have been very hot items the last 18 months, so the crowdfunding for this project already seems slower than expected, which may just be a sign of how crowded the market has become already.

In addition to fronting Google Assistant it also claims features that it says other popular Smart Home hubs lack, such as smartphone enabled remote control, open cloud API, and native IFTTT support. Because of the open API, it will already work with smart home devices from Ikea, Osram, GE, D-Link, iHome, Ring, Securfi, Cree, Elgato, Wemo, Nest and a few others.

The 5-inch screen has a touchscreen and drag and drop features even, with a 1280 x 720 resolution display, 2w speakers, a quad-core processor, while running a customized Linux. But with the built-in stand, it is too thick to be a tablet, although there are to versions of it, with one being the wall version and the other being the desktop version with a backward leaning stand built into the design.

Among tablets, Lenovo has a different solution with the upcoming Lenovo Home Assistant Pack which is a Amazon Alexa powered smart home hub where users can connect tablets from the Lenovo Tab 4 series. Lenovo says the price of that one will be $79.

– Jim Miller