Fujitsu Developing 1mm Thin Cooler For Tablets & Phones

Fujitsu will display a new cooling technology on March 15 for future use in tablets and smartphones.

The new cooler is just 1mm thick, making it ideal for devices that need to be as thin and portable as possible. The copper sheets themselves are just 0.1 mm thick, while the pipes and evaporator can be produced at 0.6 mm. Only the condenser or thermal diffusion plate is 1 mm thick. A key aspect is that Fujitsu claims their technology can transfer five times more heat than current thin heat pipes.

The design is different in that the heat pipes goes in loop instead of sharing a pipe as have been the case with vapour path and liquid wick designs.

Fujitsu cooler

Fujitsu cooler

If the purpose isn’t to overclock devices, then at least it can make tablets run cooler, as tablets can get very hot when used intensely. A feeling of overheating was more common in tablets 3-4 years ago than it is today, but it’s still enough of an issue with tablets in general to be overlooked. The only problem seems to be that the technology isn’t mature enough to be launched yet, as Fujitsu doesn’t expect the technology to be implemented before 2017.

But that should bode well for a very powerful Microsoft Surface 6 in 2017.

Thermal image of Fujitsu's  tablet/smartphone cooler

Thermal image of Fujitsu’s tablet/smartphone cooler

Fujitsu 1mm thick cooler

Fujitsu 1mm thick cooler

– Jim Miller

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