Fuchsia OS Update Rolling Out To Google Nest Hub

Google’s Fuchsia OS that replaces the original OS is reported to upgrade invisibly on unit after unit of people’s 1st generation Google Nest Hub the last couple of days.

With the evolution of connected smart devices, it is considered necessary by some programmers to rebuild operating systems from scratch in order to future proof and integrate all connected devices better. Huawei has been doing the same thing.

The Fuchsia replacement OS was announced in May, but only the beta testers had tried the update on the Google Nest Hub until this week.

Google Nest Hub Fuchsia

But from this week on, the Fuchsia update will roll out to all Nest Hubs, although it should occur invisibly without anyone actually noticing much or anything.

9to5google have made an excellent side by side comparison video after the Nest Hub Fuchsia update, but found no real world difference other than some performance improvements.

If there are any feature updates, they are likely to come only once the worldwide upgrade has been considered successful.

– Tom Bowen

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