Foldable Microsoft Tablet In The Works – Possible 2018 To 2019 Launch

Zac Bowden published another good article today writing on behalf of Windows Central, where he claims that the patents Microsoft have filed for foldable mobile devices, are more than just patents that secures rights for Microsoft, and that Microsoft is indeed working towards a foldable tablet or foldable phone that could launch as early as 2018, quoting insider sources.

Though Bowden is the first person to caution that 2018 may be too early to actually expect a launch. And at this stage we are almost sure that Microsoft is only working towards a foldable tablet, with no finished prototype that they will base everything on and put into production, since there have been no prior leaks apart from the publicly available patents from a long time ago. The prototype now in development is said to run Windows 10 with Windows Core OS, with CShell.

It could however be a top of the line device that could become a part of the Surface family, as a crossover of smartphone, tablet, and a small notebook, and as Bowden shares, Microsoft's possible foldable Surface tablet has focus on a active digitizer pen and Windows Ink apps.

If Microsoft decides to go ahead with this, it will be the first positive bold hardware move by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, so the pressure is on him to get it right.

– Jim Miller