Fix Battery Drain Of Your 2024 iPad Pro 12.9

Like other recent iPads, the 2022 iPad Pro's battery can last at least ten hours with moderate use. As Apple's top tablet, it has a strong battery.

The 11-inch model has a 7538mAh battery, while the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a 10,758mAh battery. Apple says both can last a full day on one charge.

But many people find these large batteries don't last as long as they expect.

They say the iPad Pro uses up its battery quicker than they thought. Maybe you've noticed this too, leading you to look for solutions online.

This article will help you find out the problem and fix it. Let's begin the troubleshooting process.

Turn Off Your iPad Pro

You might have tried this old trick before, but if not, it often fixes many iPad problems.

Turning off your iPad stops many background activities that drain the battery.

You can also reboot the system to get the same result.

To turn off, restart, or reboot your iPad Pro, either go to Settings to shut it down or press the volume and top buttons at the same time until the Apple logo shows.

If this fixes the issue, it's likely an issue with the iPad's functions, not the battery. If it doesn't work, move on to the next step.

fix iPad Pro 12.9 Battery Drain

Monitor Your iPad’s Usage

Sometimes, a fast battery drain on your iPad might just show how much you use it.

To find out if your high usage is draining the battery quickly, shut all apps and browsers and record the battery level. Wait 30 minutes and check the battery again.

If there is a big decrease in the battery percentage, it means one of two things: the battery might need replacing, or you might need to change some settings.

If the battery is bad, you need to call Apple.

However, if your iPad is still new, you should change some settings to help the battery last longer. Check the settings below.

Check For Background Apps 

An app might be using your iPad's battery without you knowing. It could be working in the background.

To check, go to Settings and click on Battery.

You will see which apps are using a lot of battery. If you don't use these apps anymore, you can delete them.

If you use these apps often but they drain the battery, you can turn them off so they don't run in the background.

After doing this, it's a good idea to restart your iPad to ensure it runs smoothly.

Turn Off Background App Refresh 

Apps that keep updating in the background use your iPad's battery. If your battery is fine, you can leave it as is.

But, if your battery runs out fast, turning off this feature can help a lot.

Your apps will still function, but they will only update when you open them. Here's how to disable this feature.

  • Open Settings on your iPad and select General.
  • In the General section, find Background App Refresh.
  • Turn off the refresh for apps you rarely use.

Reduce Screen Brightness 

The more light your iPad’s screen shows, the more power it uses. You usually don't need a very bright screen, except in daylight.

So, turning down the brightness or using Dark Mode can help your battery last longer.

To lower your iPad Pro’s screen brightness and switch to Dark Mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and click on Display. 
  • Move the brightness slider to a lower setting to save battery. 
  • Choose Dark Mode in the Appearance section.

fix iPad Pro 12.9 Battery Drain

Check Your Auto Lock Services 

The Auto-lock feature on your iPad locks your device automatically if you haven't used it for a while.

This locks your screen and saves battery by turning off functions you're not using.

I recommend setting the Auto-lock to 5 minutes. This allows you enough time to decide if you need to use your iPad again.

Turn Off Location Services For Apps That Don’t Need Them 

Location services use a lot of battery power on iPads. They work with GPS to find your precise location.

This feature is very helpful, but you might not always need it.

Also, not every app requires location services. You can save battery by turning it off for apps that don't use it. Here's how:

Open the Settings on your iPad and go to Privacy.

  • In Privacy, find the Location Services option.
  • Turn it on and disable it for apps that don't need it.
  • If an app needs location services later, you can turn them on again.

Turn Off Connections When Not Needed

Bluetooth and WiFi make using an iPad enjoyable. They use a lot of energy. Luckily, we don't always need them.

Still, many people leave these on all day. If your battery is running low, turning them off when you're not using them can save a lot of power.