First 5G iPhones Rumored For 2020 – iPads To Follow

Mac Rumors is quoting an article from Fast Company these days, where unknown sources says that Apple will launch its first 5G iPhones in 2020, which also leaves us with the question of when we can expect the first 5G iPads.

The rumor has it that Apple is planning to go with Intel's 8161 chip for 5G. It's interesting to note that the rumor also has it that Apple is considering getting their 5G technologies from MediaTek too, should Apple be dissatisfied with Intel.

MediaTek is developing increasingly more and more sophisticated chipsets and mobile tech and MediaTek is already well positioned in the commercial 5G phone race which is kicking off in just months.

While both Huawei and Lenovo have previously are tipped to launch the first 5G tablets among the major brands, some of the smaller Chinese brands are also rumored to consider launching 5G tablets with Android and Windows in 2019 provided that the price of the 5G chips can be negotiated down.

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Intel's 5G mobile presentation
– Jim Miller