Fire Tablets And Kindle E-readers Up To $40 Off Until April 16

Amazon has another sales campaign going on right now, where all of the Amazon Fire tablets are on sale, alongside the Kindle e-readers too:

This combined tablet and e-reader sale lasts until April 16, and is exclusive to Amazon Prime members, though it looks like the sale applies to those who sign up for a free Prime membership too.

The new tablet prices these days then are $34.99 for the Fire 7, $54.99 for the Fire HD 8, $109.99 for the Fire HD 10, $74.99 for the Fire 7 Kids Edition, and $94.99 for the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, with both of the last two having bumper cases wrapped around them.

The custom made tablet cases/covers are also on sale during the same time, but only with 20% off the regular price.

Fire Tablets Lowest Price

As for the Kindle e-readers, the 6-inch Kindle costs only $49.99 on sale, while the Kindle Paperwhite costs $79.99.

It's pretty amazing to think that when Amazon got into e-readers in 2007 and popularized them so massively, the first Kindle was launched for $399, and it was not as pleasant as the current Kindles have become, which now even includes waterproof models.

Kindle E-Readers Lowest Price
– Tom Bowen