F.lens Optical iPad Pro 9.7 LED Flash Booster

An optical LED flash booster for the new iPad Pro 9.7 as well as iPhones is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter where this crowdfunded device is half way to its goal already.

The F.lens is a small magnetically attached optical lens that can be snapped into place in front of the built-in LED flash of the Apple iPad Pro 9.7. One in place it will focus the light from the LED like a flashlight, instead of just spreading it around, thus lighting up objects at greater distances.

So the F.lens has no actual LED light or batteries itself. It's just a lens with an aluminum body that focus the light. The entry price for those who wants the F.lens is €17.

iPad flash LED 3.5 mm audio jack

The reason why it can be used with the iPad Pro 9.7 and none of the other iPads is because of the LED flash on the iPad Pro 9.7.

A cheap option to the F.lens is an external LED flash that can be plugged into any 3.5 mm audio combo jack, regardless of OS, making it compatible with any other iPad, or Android and Windows tablet or smartphone. The price of these tiny devices are even less than half that of the F.lens.

F.lens Optical iPad Pro 9.7 LED Flash

iPad LED light
iPad LED light

– Tom Bowen