External Monitors For LG And Samsung Smartphones Leaked For Second Half Of 2020 Including 14.1-Inch Samsung DeX Book

Portable monitors became a lot more popular last year, and we have seen a trend building towards increasingly more advanced portable displays and monitors over the years too.

So it makes sense then that the leading Korean display manufacturers Samsung and LG are both reported to plan the launch of their first monitors for smartphones and tablets in the second half of 2020. Production is currently believed to start in Q2, with the release around September 2020.

This is not a standalone computer device with computer hardware and operating systems, instead these are large displays that connect directly into a smartphone or tablet either through a USB cable or Bluetooth, according to ETNews. Users can then use their mobile device on a large screen.

The report says that Samsung is calling their device Samsung DeX Book, as it runs the Samsung DeX desktop environment for Android (seen in the illustration below), introduced 3 years ago and available with some of Samsung's tablets and smartphones.

Samsung DeX Book is specified with a 14.1-inch Full HD display, with its own 10,000 mAh battery, and a weight of under 1kg.

The LG model meanwhile is about the same size, but has a 5000 mAh battery, a weight of around 600 grams, and a thickness of 9mm. The prices are expected to be in the range of $339 to $424.

It remains to be seen how innovative these displays will be though, since Alldocube has already manufactured a 13.3-inch device like this that even has an optional keyboard. It's called Alldocube Expand X and will be launched soon, though some delay due to the Coronavirus is expected.

Asus too is launching a high-end portable gaming monitor with some of these features too in just 11 days, with the 17.3-inch Asus ROG Strix XG17AHPE, due to release on February 24 already.

– Tom Bowen