Ereader For Kids – Amazon Kindle Kids Edition Announced Today – Launch October 30 For $109

Amazon announced an all-new Kindle Kids Edition today, a 6-inch ereader that has no distractions, just access to books and a built-in dictionary:

As such it makes a pretty good case for itself, first because it will encourage kids to read, focus, and look up words easily with the dictionary. And secondly with access to huge amounts of Ebooks through Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, parents can save a lot of money on children’s books as well as give them access to more books than they ever imagine they would do.

And just like the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet, it is intended for kids after all, and consequently comes with Amazon’s 2-year free replacement warranty should the ereader get broken somehow, as well as a choice of covers for the ereader that may appeal to kids.

– Tom Bowen

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