Elkhart Lake Tablet Handheld Algiz 10XR Launched

The Swedish computer brand Handheld announced an upgraded version of their 10.1-inch rugged Windows tablet.

It's the Handheld Algiz 10XR, which can be distinguished by being the first tablet with an Intel Atom processor again, though this time around it is of course the Elkhart Lake x6413E processor. But these enterprise chipsets are still quad-core, though the feature Intel UHD Graphics.

Other than that it has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, and like a few other fully rugged tablets it's been upgraded with 5G too.

Elkhart Lake Tablet

Despite the rugged exterior with chemically strengthened glass, the 1920 x 1200 resolution touchscreen features additional rain and glove modes, and has a maximum brightness of 850 nits.

Apart from these specs, the Algiz 10XR has the typical specs for a rugged Windows tablet in this category, including hot-swappable batteries of different sizes, a 5MP front camera and 12MP rear camera, dedicated GNSS u-blox NEO-M8U receiver, physical front buttons, and a MIL-STD-810G rating.

While it's launching today, the price is available by quotes only for the enterprise sector.

– Tom Bowen