Echo Show 8 Pre-Launch Sale For $99

Amazon will launch their new 8-inch smart display on November 21 for a regular price of $129, but now just before the release there's a small $30 discount on it so that the Echo Show 8 can be bought for $99:

Echo Show 8 comes in the options black or white and features two stereo speakers at 10 watt, making the 200% more powerful than the most powerful of tablet speakers at the moment.

The 8-inch screen has HD resolution of 1280 x 800 and features a 1MP front camera for video chats, with integrated camera shutter for some privacy. To work properly as a smart hub, it has as much as four mics to pick up commands with.

Echo Show 8 is built so that it stands on its own, but a black or white color matching adjustable stand is also available for it. Echo Show 8 bundles range from bundles with the smaller Echo Show 5, to video doorbell cameras.

The Echo Show 8 also has a larger sibling with the 10-inch Echo Show 10 seen below, and they can all be used as smart home hubs to easily program or control a wide variety of smart home devices, as seen in the photo.

Echo Show sale


– Tom Bowen