Dual-Screen Microsoft Surface Centaurus Project Said To Be Previewed To Microsoft’s Hardware Team

A possibly interesting story to follow was published by Tom Warren in The Verge yesterday, who have talked to sources familiar with Microsoft's future plans, and they were allegedly told that a dual-screen tablet device of sorts has been seen internally at Microsoft.

More specifically it says that personell from Microsoft's hardware team have lined up to get their hands on this dual-screen computer, referred to internally as the Microsoft Surface Centaurus project.

There's been zero leaks of the purported Centaurus project so far, so what size, specs, and features we should be able to expect is unknown. Though the first speculation is that it seems like it will be larger than a 10-inch device at least, and also that it is described as running yet another light version of Windows, this time actually codenamed Windows Lite internally.

If it's one thing Microsoft should have learned by now, it has been that that lesser versions of Windows has so far always spelled disaster for the product that has been unfortunate to run a lesser Windows OS.

Considering the improvements of the evolved iPadOS that was announced yesterday for Apple's iPads as well as the many other changes announced to Apple's ecosystem yesterday, it demonstrates that Microsoft will be up against even harder competition than before with any lighter version of Windows.

– Tom Bowen