Dual OS Android / Chrome 2-in-1’s In Development

Digitimes reports that Google is currently finishing up on the development of dual OS Android / Chrome 2-in-1 tablets.

Their research concludes that the 2-in-1 will run Android when in tablet mode, but that it will switch to run Chrome when connected to the keyboard. It will be interesting to see how potential customers will react to this.

It's then believed that the 2-in-1 could be launched under Google's own brand, and that the launch could take place during Google's annual I/O event during the summer. It's also expected that some computer manufacturers will launch their own 2-in-1 Chromebook/tablets too.

The last time this rumor was around, was back in April 2014, when some people believed that Acer would be the first company out with a Chrome tablet. It didn't materialize then, but we'll see this time around.

There are no separate leaks confirming the existence of such devices as of yet, so they won't be launched anytime soon anyway.


– Tom Bowen