[Discussion] iPad Users Share How They Utilize Their Devices

A recent discussion on the iPad-focused Reddit community r/ipad revealed that people use their tablets for much more than just streaming shows or passive media consumption.

What do you use your iPad for?
byu/toranuki inipad

The discussion was sparked by Reddit user u/toranuki, who asked what people are using their iPads for now that many are no longer taking notes for university classes. Responses showed iPads serving diverse functions beyond schoolwork.

r/ThatOneOutlier shared using their iPad for journaling, reading, limited gaming, and web browsing. They highlighted portability benefits over laptops when traveling. Other entertainment uses involved streaming video services and YouTube.

Several users described leveraging their iPads for creative work or hobbies. r/CapCapital and r/Zanctinian use them for writing and drawing. r/Dismal_Jackfruit1226 makes digital illustrations and 3D models. Meanwhile, r/tom2point0 accesses musical scores and performances.

Productivity also remained an iPad strength for many. r/Fabulinius provided an extensive list of professional apps spanning design, medicine, science and more. r/HipHopSays took meeting notes with a smart pen. r/Blackbird907 filled out PDF forms or signed documents by hand.

Connectivity with other devices expanded the iPad’s usefulness. r/SabinoII and r/hoomanchonk employed Sidecar to utilize their iPads as extra displays for their Macs. r/RevenantFlash played PlayStation 5 games through remote play.

Portability and battery life made the iPad a preferred travel companion over laptops for activities like r/Immoralsupport_’s work tasks. Its lighter and slimmer profile also suited user comfort, per r/lolpopculture who enjoyed use while reclining in bed.

iPad 2022
iPad 2022

Many said they use iPads for note-taking, document annotation, presentations, and other productivity tasks. Some connect keyboards and use their iPads as laptop replacements. Those in creative fields reported using iPads for drawing, photo/video editing, music production, and more.

However, the most common uses were media consumption, web browsing, gaming, reading e-books, and streaming video services. The iPad’s portability and long battery life make it well-suited for these activities compared to laptops.

In short, while some leverage the iPad’s capabilities for getting work done, most see it as an ultra-portable device for entertainment, communication, and light computing. Its versatility caters to users across the spectrum.

How do you integrate your iPad within your tech ecosystem? Tell us about them below!

– Jim Miller

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