Dell Venue 8 Pro Gets 5th BIOS Update

The small Windows 8 tablet Dell Venue 8 Pro got its 5th BIOS update recently. How's it working for you?

A BIOS is the computer program that controls all the settings and performances of the hardware on a motherboard, and always gets updated from time to time as flaws are improved upon. And with the “5830 A05” BIOS update for the Dell Venue 8 Pro the update addressed the following issues:

Enhanced LAN dongles function.
Enhanced LTE module function.
Enhanced the performance of eMMC write/read speed.
Enhanced BIOS setting for Enable/Disable fTPM through SCMOS tool.
Upgraded Embedded controller firmware version for charge behavior and LTE module.
Upgrade GOP driver to 7.0.1005 to match PR7 driver, FRC to 1.6.1 and MCU to 30673/321, 30678/80A for system to perform smoothly.
Adjusted the CPU temperature to prevent thermal over the SPEC.
Improved system information that show correctly battery information.

Dell Venue 8 Pro
Dell Venue 8 Pro

Generally speaking it seems that it's the battery performance that interests the most, with owners debating on various forums whether this BIOS update did any good or not. A cooler performing processor have also been reported by those who've updated so far. And if the BIOS update doesn't work to your benefit, you can roll back to a previous version through the settings.

The 8-inch Windows 8 tablet Dell Venue 8 Pro was launched on November 1 last year for $299 and quickly became the bestselling 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, just ahead of Lenovo Miix 2, even though the Lenovo Miix 2 have beaten the Dell Venue 8 Pro in benchmark tests even on benchmarks such as CPU performance and battery life.

The price have been significantly cut since release, as it's been hoovering around $229 for a while now. The Lenovo Miix 2 is even cheaper at just $219 at the time of the writing.

– Tom Bowen