Chuwi Tablets And Computer Sales After Lockdown

After the global lockdown started, Chuwi was one of the first computer companies in China to get back up and running again afterwards. So now they are having a sales campaign on their tablets and other computers:

And the sales are on their newest and most interesting tablets and computers too, like the Windows 2-in-1 tablets Chuwi UBook, Chuwi UBook Pro, and the brand new Chuwi Hi10 X.

Even the Windows pocket laptop Chuwi MiniBook is on sale right now where you can save around 20% if you apply the coupon code,depending on what processor model you want.

A few of the Chuwi tablets with Android are also on sale, as are some of the Chuwi laptops, and the mini desktop computer Chuwi Herobox for just $179.

– Tom Bowen