Chuwi MiniBook Video Preview Before Crowdfunding

Chuwi is a Chinese tablet and computer manufacturer that's becoming more and more interesting. From before it has already sold tablets in categories that have really made them stand out either because of price, combination of specs, or both.

And the upcoming Windows 10 pocket laptop Chuwi MiniBook will add another daring product to Chuwi's range of mobile computer products that could become a small legend of its own.

As the Chuwi MiniBook will start a crowdfunding campaign on June 20th that it will no doubt fulfill immediately, the company has released a first video of the MiniBook to demonstrate its usefulness.

The video may not have something like Apple's professionalism or budget, but in this case that may be for the better actually, since the video makes it easier to imagine the use of the MiniBook in real life.

There will be 2 models of the 8-inch Windows pocket laptop Chuwi MiniBook, with choices of either Intel Celeron N4100 or Intel Core m3 processors.

But no matter how good the MiniBook will be, it will be up against some serious competition from the brand new One Netbook One Mix 3 that's being launched in just 2 weeks from now.

– Jim Miller