Chuwi Invites Chuwi Tablet Owners As Developers

Chinese tablet manufacturer Chuwi have produced several interesting tablets during the last two years in particular, running either Windows or Android. And now the brand is officially inviting Chuwi tablet owners to participate as developers of future Chuwi tablets by submitting ideas, suggestions, complaints, and questions to the engineers of Chuwi's R&D labs.

Referred to as the Chuwi Founders, this developers forum acts like an open conversation with Chuwi personell. Present owners of Chuwi tablets can join the talks and submit all of their ideas by sending an email to the address “” with the model name and serial number of their Chuwi tablet in order to participate.

Chuwi should then send invitations to join the talks back to the users. Other than that Chuwi says that the only requirement is that they want users that are interested in making better products together with them.

Most tablet manufacturers listen to their customers feedback, but rarely in such a direct way as Chuwi is now leading the way with. I feel like you have to appreciate that.

Chuwi experienced some problems with the USB C power adapters for the first batch of Chuwi Hi13 last year, which was a typical poor connectivity problem with USB C plugs due to the fragile nature of USB C plugs compared to the rock solid traditional full-size USB plugs and ports.

But Chuwi sent out replacements adapters to Chuwi Hi13 owners pretty quickly in order to remediate the problem of fragile USB C plug on the adapters.

It will be very exciting to see what Chuwi's new democratic means of product development will lead to in terms of future tablets and other mobile and computer related gear in 2019 and 2020 then.

– Tom Bowen