Chuwi Hi13 Keyboard Sale With Coupon

The Chuwi Hi13 is a 3000 x 2000 resolution Windows 10 tablet and 2-in-1 with optional keyboard, as well as pen. And now the Chuwi Hi13 keyboard is on sale with the coupon code “Hi13KeyBd” applied during checkout which cuts the price of the official Chuwi Hi13 keyboard down to $47.99, for the keyboard that can turn the tablet into a cheap Intel Celeron powered 2-in-1 or notebook:

The Chuwi Hi13 keyboard is a full size keyboard with QWERTY layout, 2 full-size USB 2.0 ports with one USB port on each side, a trackpad/touchpad with gesture support, and a light grey metallic finish in the same color as the tablet. The top of the keyboard is covered in a solid metal material.

In addition to being a keyboard, it works as a cover too with 6 rubber pads that protects the display when closed in laptop mode, and it brings with it the display stand mode and tent mode, which eliminates the need for any other tablet stand or cover. The tablet and keyboard attachment/detachment happens through a combination of strong magnets and two pins that supports the tablet as well. The data transfer goes via the pogo pins.

Chuwi Hi13 Keyboard Coupon

The Chuwi Hi13 keyboard dock is also designed so that it slopes towards the user instead of being just flat, so that typing becomes fast and puts less strain on the wrist and shoulder. The keys themselves are flat and they are precise with less than 2mm keyboard travel, while the keyboard also has light indicators for power on and caps lock.

Underneath the keyboard there are 4 rubber feet that prevents the keyboard from sliding on a table, and the keyboard is rigid too, unlike a lot of the tablet keyboards on the market these days that bounce a lot. But fortunately there is no bouncing or flexing with this keyboard.

– Tom Bowen

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