Cheap Blackberry Playbook Tablet – Facing competition from Kindle Fire

Blackberry Playbook Tablet on Sale

Blackberry Playbook Tablet on Sale

Updated: In February 2012, those looking to buy Blackberry Playbook from now on can find it on sale for around between $199 and $189. Not bad for a cheap Blackberry Playbook tablet under $200.
(End of update.)

Cheap Blackberry Playbook for $329 or less from now on, price cut with $170 overnight.
A screencap from Amazon shows Blackberry Playbook prices being cut substantially across its entire range.

In the fast paced world of tablet computers, nothing stays the same for very long. Now Blackberry’s very solid tablet Playbook is a contender in the low entry price segment after Amazon released its Kindle Fire tablet. Blackberry also cites sales that were lower than expected as a reason for lowering their price guidance. Good news for the consumer either way.

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