“Hey Siri” to “Siri” On iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Change “Hey Siri” to “Siri”

Apple has introduced more flexibility in activating Siri with its recent iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma update.  iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can now ditch the familiar “Hey Siri” and simply say “Siri” to trigger the voice assistant. This update streamlines Siri activation for those who prefer a shorter wake phrase.

Continue reading to discover how you can activate Siri using just “Siri” on your iPhone. Furthermore, iOS 17 introduces various additional features, such as the ability to ask Siri to read web articles, so be sure to explore those too.

Enable Siri using only “Siri” on iPhone and iPad.

Unveiled at WWDC 2023, Apple's iOS 17 boasts a smarter Siri. Users can expect improved accuracy when making requests, and Siri can even respond when the iPhone is in the new Standby Mode. 

Additionally, activating Siri is now streamlined as the wake-up phrase no longer requires the preceding “Hey,” making voice interaction that much faster.

That said, here's how you can adjust the Siri wake command to simply “Siri” on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Settings app, usually found on your home screen.
  • Scroll down through the Settings menu and tap on “Siri & Search.”
  • Within the Siri & Search settings, look for the option labeled “Listen for” and tap on it.
  • This will display the available wake phrases for Siri. You can choose “Siri” for a shorter activation, “Hey Siri” for a more natural approach, or even enable both for maximum flexibility.

It's important to note that enabling Siri to respond to the “Siri” phrase doesn't deactivate the functionality of “Hey Siri.” You can freely switch between both wake-up phrases interchangeably.

Note: To access the “Siri” or “Hey Siri” tab, adjust your Siri & Spotlight language settings to US or UK English. Currently, certain languages like English (India) do not offer this feature.

Initiate Siri using solely “Siri” on your Mac or MacBook.

During the keynote, Apple also noted that this new Siri feature extends to Apple devices beyond iPhones, including MacBooks and Mac devices. While the process remains consistent on iPads, setting it up on your Mac may be a bit confusing. Here's how it functions on Mac:

  • You can find it by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and selecting “System Settings.”
  • In the left sidebar of the Settings window, scroll down until you see “Siri & Spotlight.” Click on it.

  • Look for the option labeled “Listen for” and click the dropdown menu next to it. This will reveal the available wake phrases for Siri.
  • You can select “Siri” or “Hey Siri,” or even opt for both if you like.  Having both options enabled allows you to activate Siri using either phrase, providing more flexibility.

That's the process for adjusting the Siri wake-up phrase across all your Apple devices. What are your thoughts? Do you find using just “Siri” more intuitive and natural compared to “Hey Siri”? Let us know in the comments section.