Brydge SP+ Aluminum Keyboard For Surface Pro 8 Launch In October Too

After the enlarged 13-inch Surface Pro 8 was announced by Microsoft yesterday, it was time for the tablet accessory maker Brydge to announce the newest third party accessory for it too.

Since the Surface Pro 8 has changed its dimensions a little, Brydge had to design a new keyboard for the Windows tablet. So on that occasion they've just announced the SP+ Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Surface Pro 8, or Brydge SP+ for short.

Brydge has had access to the specs of the Surface Pro 8 for a while, so they've had time to develop the keyboard in advance under Microsoft's “Designed For Surface” partner agreement, so the keyboard will launch the same week as the the Surface Pro 8 launches in October.

Brydge SP+ is an aluminum keyboard, so it doesn't bounce or flex as much as the Surface keyboards can if you type very hard or lean onto them.

This Brydge keyboard can also hold up the Surface Pro 8 tablet as if it was a laptop, without the need to pull out the rear kickstand.

The specs for the keyboard are good too, with precision touchpad, adjustable backlit keys, a 40 hour long battery life with USB C charging, 0-180 degree angles, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Brydge SP+ color options are also Surface Pro 8 matching platinum and black.

So an interesting alternative keyboard to check out for the Surface Pro 8. A similar type of keyboard is already available for the Surface Go 3 since this tablet didn't change its outer dimensions yesterday.

– Tom Bowen