Brydge Announces Availability Of Their 3 Latest Tablet Keyboards

Tablet keyboard manufacturer Brydge has been busy the last couple of days, announcing the availability of their latest tablet keyboards before Christmas.

The latest ones that Brydge says have now been launched from the likes of Best Buy, Verizon, Amazon, and Brydge themselves includes the Brydge 11 Max+ for the iPad Pro 11-inch and the iPad Air, the 12.9 MAX+ for iPad Pro 12.9, and the SP+ for the new and enlarged Surface Pro 8.

Of course both Apple and Microsoft already have their own keyboards for their tablets, so what Brydge is offering with this particular series of tablet keyboards, is the option to turn them more into what will look, feel, and function more like a laptop.

So that will sometimes make it easier to type from the lap and similar scenarios, which is why most people buy keyboards like these as the second option keyboard when this fits their needs more than Apple or Microsoft's keyboards does.

– Tom Bowen