Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing

Zoom became the go-to video conferencing app during the lockdown, but its popularity was marred by security concerns and data mismanagement, leading to many countries banning its usage in internal meetings. Despite these issues, many people still stuck with Zoom due to its intuitive interface and scalability. However, with recent announcements from Google and Facebook, we now have true alternatives to Zoom. Let's take a look at them.

Google Meet

Google Meet recently became accessible to everyone with a Google account. Until September 30th, 2020, there is no time limit on meetings or any other limitations. Compared to Zoom, Google Meet has a simpler user interface with just two buttons – one to start a meeting and the other to join one. However, you need a Google account to host or join a meeting. Google Meet is an ideal alternative in terms of ease and scalability, but it lacks certain features like meeting recording, inbuilt whiteboard, waiting room, and breakout rooms.


Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms, which allows up to 50 users to join video conferences. Unlike Google Meet, you don't need a Facebook account to join a conference. Messenger Rooms can be created instantly from the messenger app or even from a web browser. However, moderation and collaborative tools are limited in Messenger Rooms.


Jitsi Meet

For those looking for an open-source alternative to Zoom, Jitsi Meet is a great option. It is similar to Zoom and offers dedicated mobile apps, easy usability, and the ability to live stream on YouTube directly from the app. Jitsi Meet supports video conferences with up to 75 participants, but it lacks moderation features. However, the development of Jitsi Meet is active, and improvements are being made regularly.



Skype, which was once abandoned in favor of Microsoft Teams, has introduced Skype Meet as a simple web app for hosting and joining meetings. Skype Meet allows up to 49 participants, offers features like file sharing, screen sharing, and group polls, and allows the recording of meetings. However, Skype lacks moderation features and does not have a waiting room.


Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex offers free meetings with up to 100 participants and has better moderation features compared to other alternatives. It allows screen sharing, recording of meetings, and the option to delegate host responsibilities. However, Webex's personal meeting room does not have a default password, and there is no option to enable a waiting room in meetings.


In conclusion, Google Meet and Facebook Messenger Rooms are the top alternatives to Zoom. Jitsi Meet is a good open-source option, and Skype is suitable for teams already using the Skype platform. Cisco Webex offers better moderation features, but has certain limitations. Choose the alternative that best meets your needs and ensure a smooth video conferencing experience.