Benchmarks Sets Off Asus Or Google Chrome OS Tablet Rumors

Some of this weeks benchmarks have set off a lot of rumors and speculations while people have trying to decipher what devices are what. The benchmarks points to unannounced Chrome OS tablets and other Chrome OS devices, but at this point they are difficult to ascribe to specific manufacturers and possible model lines.

About Chromebooks belives the Google Rammus with the Shyvana motherboard could be a Pixel Slate alternative from Asus, benchmarked with both Intel Core i7-8500Y and Intel Core m3-8100Y processors.

But the foundation for these speculations are thin based on the available information, and to make matters even worse there has been a surge in other codenames for Google devices doing benchmarks this week.

What we can take for granted though is that Google will keep pushing for more Chrome tablets and 2-in-1's. So we should be able to expect more new Chrome tablets in 2019.

– Jim Miller