Winmate Announces Ultra Rugged ATEX Zone 2 Tablets For Risky Environments

Rugged tablet brand Winmate announced the company's ATEX Zone 2 tablets today, which are ultra rugged tablets designed especially for environments where explosive gases may be present.

The users could be anyone from people actually working with or in proximity to gasses, to fire fighters.

Winmate's ATEX Zone 2 tablets are available with either Windows or Android, and a variety of sizes from 7 inches and up.

ATEX Zone 2 design includes an even more stringent schematic safety design for the motherboard and controllers so that neither components of a tablet ever rise above a temperature that might ignite gasses.

Other designs features includes fanless cooling of even Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, low voltage only devices, and non-sparking protection through design.

Despite this protection, some of the Winmate computers have built-in heaters that makes it possible to run them normally in temperatures down to a cool -40°C.

– Tom Bowen