Asus ROG Flow Z13 2nd Gen. Upgrade (2023 Model)

It's fitting that it was during the CES last year that Asus unveiled the world's most powerful tablet computer with the Asus ROG Flow Z13, and that Asus announced the upgraded 2nd generation Asus ROG Flow Z13 2023 model at this year's CES:

Asus has mainly upgraded the internals, so on that basis even the new model continues to carry on with the ROG Flow Z13 (GZ301) name and model number.

When you already manufacture the most powerful tablet on the market, there is some pressure on you, so Asus decided to upgrade in the areas that continues to keep it in a powerful lead.

The fastest processor is now the 24-core 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor. So by my own measure, just that upgrade by itself will boost the benchmark performance in Geekbench 5 by 45% in multi-core, when measured against the i9-12900H processor of the first generation model.

But as you'd expect, the graphics have been upgraded to a Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series Laptop GPU with G-SYNC and DDS 2.0 support, in addition to support for XG Mobile external GPUs.

Other upgrades or specs worth a mention on the 2nd generation Asus Z13 Windows 11 tablet includes Gorilla Glass DXC protection for the Nebula Display with a 165 Hz refresh rate, 130W charging support, premium Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res Audio, smart amp, two-way AI noise canceling, and Thunderbolt 4, though the latter is of course there on the first gen. model too.

Asus didn't give the 2nd gen. model a specific release date during CES. But as we mentioned in December, the original model just got a price cut of $500, so once these have for the most part cleared out, then hopefully it won't be too long before the 2nd gen model is in store.

– Tom Bowen