Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor (MB16AC) Taking Orders For $249

Asus is now taking orders for their proud new Asus Portable Monitor (MB16AC) ZenScreen that they presented at IFA last year. It will be released in June says Asus:

It was unveiled with its own press show, so Asus have high hopes for their newest and best portable monitor to date.

It’s a thin portable monitor, being 8mm thick, and weighing 780 grams, which is good for a 15.6-inch Full HD portable monitor nowadays. It has a 16:9 Wide Screen aspect ratio, with a 1920 x 1080 display resolution and included Eye Care blue light filter features.

Auto rotation between landscape and portrait mode makes it easy to use, and with a USB Type C and A (USB 3.0) port it can be adapted to both tablets and laptops, as well as other compatible computer devices.

When this portable monitor was first unveiled, it gained some reputation for how a pen could be inserted into the whole on the bottom right of the monitor to function as a stand for the monitor in both landscape and portrait mode. But, it can be used with a folio cover as well, for thoe who want a display stand the traditional way.

– Jim Miller

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